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Victorian Britain

1.The Coming of the Railways (Berwick)

2.A Railway Town in the 19th Century (Darlington)

3.Shipbuilders & their Families One Hundred Years Ago (North Tyneside)

4.A Victorian Town (Ashington)

5.Crime and Punishment (North East England)

6.Schools at the turn of the 20th Century (Durham)

Victorian Britain

1.The Impact of World War two on the lives of children (Middlesborough)

2.The War Years (Wooler)

Britain since 1948

1.Britain since 1948 (Newcastle)

2.The Death of Heavy Industry (Consett)

Learning objectives




Year group and age range

Year 3: 7 - 8

Year 4: 8 - 9

Year 5: 9 - 10

Year 6: 10 - 11

Archives involved

Berwick-upon-Tweed Record Office

Durham County Record Office

Durham University Special Collections

Northumberland Archives @ Woodhorn

Teesside Archives

Tyne & Wear Archives

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How to encourage your students to read more

Reading will bring every person a little closer to being better at life and everything it brings with it. But it is hard to make people realize that, especially at a young age when it is most important to do so. Students will find a bunch of different reasons and ways to learn without reading, but reading itself is a way of learning.

Give your students interesting books and get them interested in them before you give the name of the author and title. Encourage them to try to find their own way and place where reading is comfortable and enjoying. It is good to make the school a place where they will be remembered of reading and that will always be linked to it. But much better is doing that with their home, because they will spend much time there, and reading is a thing for the whole life, not only while they are going to school.

Different resources for teacher give you even techniques on doing so, but we think that is a bad idea. Student are smart, and they will realize you are trying to pull something and make them do something you want. That will immediately set an alarm in their head and they will do exactly the opposite. Every each of them has a different personality and that requires a different approach, so you will never have a pattern to follow.

The best way to bring your students to read is to be a good teacher, that way they will trust you, and think of you as closest to a friend as it is possible. So love teaching and love your students, because you know you are trying to do them good. Remember how it was for you when you were in their skin and trying to cope with all the new things in life.