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Learning resources

Victorian Britain

1.The Coming of the Railways (Berwick)

2.A Railway Town in the 19th Century (Darlington)

3.Shipbuilders & their Families One Hundred Years Ago (North Tyneside)

4.A Victorian Town (Ashington)

5.Crime and Punishment (North East England)

6.Schools at the turn of the 20th Century (Durham)

Victorian Britain

1.The Impact of World War two on the lives of children (Middlesborough)

2.The War Years (Wooler)

Britain since 1948

1.Britain since 1948 (Newcastle)

2.The Death of Heavy Industry (Consett)

Learning objectives




Year group and age range

Year 3: 7 - 8

Year 4: 8 - 9

Year 5: 9 - 10

Year 6: 10 - 11

Archives involved

Berwick-upon-Tweed Record Office

Durham County Record Office

Durham University Special Collections

Northumberland Archives @ Woodhorn

Teesside Archives

Tyne & Wear Archives

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Why was this project developed? This project was developed in response to a review of archives education, which MLA North East commissioned in 2004.

A number of recommendations were made, including the idea that the archives worked more collaboratively and developed joint regional initiatives. It was also suggested that the archives approach national funding bodies for education projects, such as the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Primary Sources project evolved from these recommendations - developing participatory experiences for children and young people through the use of regional material and skills..