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Victorian Britain

1.The Coming of the Railways (Berwick)

2.A Railway Town in the 19th Century (Darlington)

3.Shipbuilders & their Families One Hundred Years Ago (North Tyneside)

4.A Victorian Town (Ashington)

5.Crime and Punishment (North East England)

6.Schools at the turn of the 20th Century (Durham)

Victorian Britain

1.The Impact of World War two on the lives of children (Middlesborough)

2.The War Years (Wooler)

Britain since 1948

1.Britain since 1948 (Newcastle)

2.The Death of Heavy Industry (Consett)

Learning objectives




Year group and age range

Year 3: 7 - 8

Year 4: 8 - 9

Year 5: 9 - 10

Year 6: 10 - 11

Archives involved

Berwick-upon-Tweed Record Office

Durham County Record Office

Durham University Special Collections

Northumberland Archives @ Woodhorn

Teesside Archives

Tyne & Wear Archives

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Primary Sources

The resources on this site have been designed for use by any primary school teacher, and are completely free to download. More information about the project

Learning Resources organised by topic and learning

Raising the standard of children's literacy and numeracy skills is a key government priority. These basic skills are recognised as the foundation for a successful future life for children but we still face obstacles towards raising achievement for all.




A Railway Town in the 19th
Century (Darlington)

Literacy (47)
Numeracy (10)
History (2)

Britain since 1948 (Newcastle)

Literacy (43)
Numeracy (16)
History (4)

Schools at the turn of the 20th
Century (Durham)

Literacy (41)
Numeracy (20)
History (3)




A Victorian Town (Ashington)

Literacy (66)
Numeracy (17)
History (8)

Crime and Punishment (North
East England)

Literacy (73)
Numeracy (23)
History (6)

Shipbuilders & their Families One Hundred Years Ago (North Tyneside)

Literacy (65)
Numeracy (23)
History (5)

This site hosts a wide range of lesson plans, activities and resources designed to enable teachers to develop pupils' literacy and numeracy skills in more imaginative and creative ways. The region's archives have provided the source material to create these unique resources, which are themed around topic areas. A web design company, ne-web, was commissioned to develop this site to make the materials and activities created during the project available online. Participating schools were supported with a maximum of ten days supply cover to attend joint workshops and to work with a specific archivist in their area. The schools also had the opportunity to work with drama professionals to further enhance the pupils' experiences.

To improve the teaching of literacy and numeracy by engaging teachers with the wealth of stimulating material available in the region’s archives and through collaborative professional development. I've got some feedback about the resources on this site. Who can I contact about this? Please contact the archives that worked with the schools to develop the resources. You can feed back directly to the archives by clicking on the "Feedback on this resource" link on the lists of learning resources pages. Will there be more resources like this produced in the future?This is a stand alone project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund; and there are no plans to add more resources to this site at present. However, the archives involved in this project have developed a range of learning resources which can support and enrich the teaching of national curriculum areas. Archives may also be able to identify and select primary source material to suit your particular needs. Please contact the individual archives for more information.

How do you know that these resources actually made a difference to pupils' literacy and numeracy skills? MLA North East have commissioned an external evaluator to assess the difference the project had made to the pupils' learning in literacy and numeracy as a result of the project. Findings have indicated that there is immense interest in the project from both teachers and pupils and there has been progression in attainment.How can I get the best from the resources on this site?Detailed lesson plans and activities are available in Word format, so you can adapt them to suit your needs. We would advise viewing the medium term plans initially in order to get an overview of each topic and also as a source of ideas for planning work over a period of time. If you are looking for activities to support the teaching of specific literacy and numeracy learning objectives, use the Learning Objectives search function (link) to identify suitable activities and the sources which accompany them. The resources on this site are organised around topic areas, linked into National Curriculum history units.

How to be a better teacher

It certainly is hard to pass on knowledge, especially to younger people who are not used to learning, but every teacher has this job, and a good one will make everything to accomplish that. If you are on your way to becoming one, than this could help you understand what it takes to be a great teacher. Beside this, there are also quite a few good resources for teachers out there, so take time and learn as much as you can.

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No teacher is born a teacher, there is no talent for being one, just hard work and a bigger capacity of understanding how to spread what you know. In most cases it is more important to find a way to teach people how to think and realize things and facts on their own. You can do that only if you yourself know how to do so, because of that your learning will never stop either. If you decide it is enough for you to take in new knowledge, then you have turned away from your path of becoming a better teacher.

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Search for the best practice and once you realize which one it is, that stick with it, but also work on it. Don't become an old maid with her cats and knitting patterns which never change, do modifications, because one thing students hate is being bored. Every resource for teachers will say they have found the right way, which can be perfectly followed through 10 or another number of steps. Well, that is impossible, you need to realize it by yourself, otherwise you won't understand your own method.

Love spreading knowledge - it will bring you the closest to being the best teacher on your school. With a perfect method it will be easy to teach, but the student won't learn unless you make it interesting. With not loving or even hating your job you won't be able to do so. Even London escorts know they need to love their job and care about their companions in order to be good at it. Put yourself in your students' shoes and see how you would like to be treated, once you were one of them, remember that time.